studio Jig



培った枝術「Free form Lamination」を使い、これまでにない提案で“木家具”という造形の概念を変えたい。

Using the fostered technique of “free form lamination”,
I want to change the notion of “wooden furniture” with proposals that have never been made.
I also create with the desire to change the notion that coniferous wood “can’t be used” for furniture, as it is often considered unsuitable.
With a technique that involves laying thin slices of Yoshino cedar, layering, and crimping them, free forming without a mold is possible.
While I have preserved the warmth of cedar, I made its strength as a piece of furniture a reality.
From “all-mighty” furniture that can fit with any place, to furniture that fulfills its potential
because it is in a specific environment, I offer creations tailored to my customer’s style.